Urban Legends from Space

Urban Legends from Space

The Biggest Myths About Space Demystified

Bob King


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Fun, Outrageous Space Stories, Debunked!

In this Internet age where science fiction masquerades as fact, even the most rational person might find themselves wondering: Could NASA have faked the moon landings? Are we sure the government isn’t using chemtrails to experiment on people? And did NASA really spend millions on “space pens”?

Urban Legends from Space cuts through the fog of myth to bring the truth behind these questions, and 48 other celestial legends, out into the open. In examining the shaky claims behind these many misconceptions and taking us step-by-step through the concrete evidence that contradicts them, expert Bob King debunks each myth and exposes the scientific truth at its core. Along the way, King offers us the tools we need to become more discerning observers of the world around us and more responsible sharers of information overall.


Bob King:
Bob King is the writer of the blog Astro Bob and author of Wonders of the Night Sky You Must See Before You Die and Night Sky with the Naked Eye. He is an avid skywatcher and a member of the American Association of Variable Star Observers. Bob writes and photographs for Universe Today, Sky & Telescope magazine and the Duluth News Tribune. He lives in Duluth, Minnesota.