Around The World With Nephrology: An Autobiography

Around The World With Nephrology: An Autobiography

An Autobiography

Zbylut J Twardowski


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This is the story of a boy raised up in a village in Poland during World War II, with his father deported to concentration camps throughout the war. Some years after he graduated from medical school, he serendipitously entered the then developing field of dialysis, and he eventually embarked on a career-long practice in the field, where he contributed to the development of a number of new inventions and therapeutic methods.

The book contains 13 chapters covering the author's childhood, education, and his career-long contributions to the field of nephrology. The book includes inspirational stories of his patients; the struggles he faced in the course of getting his numerous inventions patented; his research work in the 1990s; his work of teaching and consulting; and not the least, his travels to interesting places unrelated to business. The book concludes with an epilogue summarizing his life, as well as his predictions regarding treatment of chronic renal failure in the future.

  • Childhood
  • Medical School and the Beginning of My Career in Kraków
  • Professional Progress in Bytom
  • Fellowship in America
  • Return to Poland: The Lublin Years
  • Return to Columbia: Migrating to the US
  • Cooperation with Fellows, Laboratory Visitors, Nurses and Technicians
  • Major Research in the 1980s
  • Patients Who Inspired or Contributed to Progress
  • Patents in Columbia
  • Major Research in the 1990s
  • Teaching and Consulting
  • Vacations and Travel Unrelated to Business

Readership: Nephrologists, other medical doctors, medical students as well as interested lay public.